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All our Centers are open Monday-Friday 7am-6pm

Our Philosophy:

All Capital City Kids Daycares & Learning Centers are based on the philosophy that each child is a unique individual.
Every child has his/her own rate of development and pace of learning. Every child is accepted, loved, nurtured and taught in a clean,safe and healthy environment.

Our Goals:

To promote social, emotional and cognitive development appropriate to all ages and developmental levels of the children.

To provide experiences that are designed to influence self growth, a positive self-concept and self confidence in each child.

Our Objectives:

To provide each child with love and respect.

To provide each child with the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities.

To provide a safe, clean and loving environment in which each child will feel loved, valued and respected.

To provide area families with reliable, quality based child care & learning centers.

Our Curriculum:

Age appropriate skills and concepts will be the basic foundation through the use of professionally designed educational curriculum programs.
Opportunities for practice of skills and understanding of concepts will be provided through fun hands-on activities, arts and crafts,and early literacy experiences.

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Capital City Kids 2 Daycare & Learning Center
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